Automate Estimating

Your custom product configurator will improve your speed and accuracy allowing for scalable growth and increasing revenue. We configure highly customizable and complex products and services into a simple to use front-end form for your Sales team, Estimating team, or even customers to use.


Do your estimates currently take 2 days, 2 weeks, or even longer? After we create your custom estimating tool, estimates are completed in minutes. Revisions can be completed in seconds.

Configure To Order (CTO)

We’ve found that within most companies, 80% of their products and services are standard. We focus on automating 100% of these by building a Configure To Order (CTO) estimating tool.

Engineered To Order (ETO)

The other 20% are referred to as Engineered To Order (ETO), or highly custom products and services. Your estimating tool can still automate 80% of these allowing your Sales or Estimating team only focus on the custom specific parts and pieces – dramatically reducing the estimating time on your highly custom projects.

Reduced Errors or Defects (Six Sigma)

Your Lean journey should start at Step 1 – Sales and Estimating. As you know, companies lose money when Design & Engineering has to research and develop products that were already sold – or worse, your production team has to figure it our on the floor.

Your automated estimating tool will follow custom rules and complex calculations to ensure your pricing is always accurate.


We believe in building a strong, solid foundation that will allow you to scale your business. Your product configurator will immediately increase your Sales & Estimating capacity and streamline your Design & Engineering process.